Expert Database


Every person and organization in the Writers’ Room Expert Database is committed to racial equity and social progress.

We are proactive about identifying, contacting and vetting new experts. If you know people or organizations who should be included, you can submit their names here.

We realize that “expertise” is too often synonymous with reinforcing the authority and influence of white men. Color Of Change is committed to changing the prevailing image of the “expert” and our database reflects that commitment: we are elevating the expertise and expert status of people typically excluded from writers’ rooms, especially Black experts. Most individuals in the database are Black, people of color and/or women, and most organizations in the database are led by the same.

To ensure producers and writers have access to the information, perspectives and stories they need, we take a rigorous approach to vetting every expert in the database. On an ongoing basis, we continue to proactively identify and fill gaps in representation and topical expertise. Requests for specific types of experts can be made here.

The following provides an overview of the vetting process. While we cannot guarantee that every advisory or consulting arrangement with an expert will be successful, we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of their profiles and to ensure that each expert is capable of making a highly valuable contribution to the content development and production process for television series, movies and other creative work.

Once we identify potential experts, or they submit themselves for approval based on a referral, we determine if they need to be vetted.

  • Many organizations and individuals have a strong national profile and track record, and are already well known to Color Of Change through the course of our work and partnerships. Their submissions are vetted for clarity and completion, and to make sure their list of topics of expertise is current and accurate.
  • Many individuals and organizations are not familiar to Color Of Change and require a closer look. In addition to vetting for clarity and completion, we also look into their background, their work and their online presence. Our goal is to make sure their basic claims are accurate: job title and status, academic or other affiliations, citations, technical expertise, categories of expertise, etc. We also work to verify that they have a demonstrated track record of approaching their work through the lens of racial equity.

Color Of Change is not able to fact check every piece of information or every claim listed in an individual or organizational profile. Our aim is to verify enough of a profile that we are able to establish the right level of confidence for their inclusion in the database.

Note: Racial justice and racial equity can mean different things to different people. Not every expert in the database has the same perspective or the same position on every issue. While there is a range of perspectives, we work to ensure that the values and work of every expert are generally in line with the values and aims of Color Of Change.


Help us grow the database! If you know an individual or organization that can provide valuable expertise to writers’ rooms, please let us know. Please submit just one person or organization per entry, but feel free to use the Recommend button multiple times.

Request a type of expert not yet listed in the database

Tell us what you need! Your recommendations can help us make this database more useful for more writers’ rooms. While we cannot meet every request, we will conduct additional outreach based on demand. 

If you have recommendations for individuals or organizations that can fulfill the request you’ve identified, please use the “Recommend” button to nominate them — it’s on the homepage under the welcome message.