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WHat is


#ChangeIndustries is a Color Of Change initiative that secures commitments from cultural production companies to hold them accountable for advancing racial justice for Black people. These commitments address anti-Black racism and inequity with the goal of systemic change in the three #ChangeIndustries verticals: #ChangeMusic, #ChangeFashion, and #ChangeHollywood.

The #changeindustries



Each #ChangeIndustries vertical empowers industry leaders to embark on a Roadmap for change —a path and an opportunity for evolution—that draws from Color Of Change’s deep knowledge and understanding of anti-Black racism in our country to create a nuanced and specific racial justice guide. Each Roadmap contains milestones, KPIs, resources and reporting to guide allies in their commitments to advance racial justice and change the culture. This work is all in the service of winning systemic changes in policy, culture,  and practices that increase equity and reduce harmful impact on Black people. The Roadmap outlines the steps required to eradicate anti-Blackness in cultural production.

The five universal steps are:

Invest in



Change will not happen if we rely on an either-or approach, of good intention alone or as a response to criticism. Change requires resources to support transformation. Every #ChangeIndustries vertical provides resources to help people and organizations who are committed to implementing the steps in the roadmap. 

To see your industry specific roadmap, click on your industry below:

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How to Sign On

Color Of Change has developed a sophisticated strategy and proven process that we’ve already employed with partners who are accelerating change. We are constantly tailoring the Roadmap to adapt to new cultural industries and meet individual signer’s needs. If you sign onto one of the #ChangeIndustries Roadmaps, above all, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you are driving history forward and uplifting the voices of Black people and our times.

Contact, and we will guide you through the process.


Sign a Memorandum of Understanding


Complete the Intake Form


Receive custom-tailored Roadmap commitments


Sign the Roadmap Work Plan Agreement


Gain Color Of Change as an Accountability Partner to guide you along the Roadmap


Access comprehensive resources to help you fulfill your Roadmap commitments.


Build community with other companies and talent dedicated to eradicating racism.